The guy on the left is Mr. Mouse! He's the one smiling and handing me money! Way to go Bob. Bob's favorite
outfit in College was his black and white buffalo plaid shirt and blue jeans! The fellow on the far right is my
Dad, always waiting patiently for us to finish shopping. We don't know who the man in the middle is, but I
think he could be someone's husband? Does he resemble anyone you know?
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Kaffe charm Pack P
Kaffe charm pack K
Rainbow Fish
Kaffe Pastel & Classic
5" Charm Packs
Rainbow Fish
Darling Little Dickens Charm Pack
Moda Luster Jellyroll
Darling Little Dickens
5" Charm pack
Hazelwood by Moda
Luster Jelly Roll by Moda
Kaffe Shirt Strips
GP51 Midnight
Tropical Birds Lagoon
Shanty Town Summer
Pebble Mosaic Yellow
Kaffe Classic
PWGP092 Jade
108" Peppered Cottons
Wide Quilt Backing - Stonewash
108" Peppered Cottons
Wide Quilt Backing - Charcoal
Kaffe Classic
GP20 Jewel
Peacock Feathers Lagoon

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Group Updates
Just Spooling Around
NEW! Every Monday 10-5
Every Thursday 10-5
Coffee and tea provided!
$10.00 / session. Participants have
10% discount all day
Sew What Fridays
Mar 31, Apr 14, Apr 28
May 12, May 26

6:00-10:00 pm
Personal instruction, dessert,
tea and coffee included.
$15.00 / session
Bonnie Hunter Scrappy Group
Apr 23, May 21
9  - 12 PM
Collect up your scraps, rotary cutter
and thread and come and sew along
with us as we take this scrappy
journey together. If you would like to
join us, call and let us know.
$5.00 / session.
Art Quilt Club
Mar 27
6:00 - 8:00 pm
Interested in paints, inks, fibers, and
foils, come join this club. Bring your
own projects to work on, join in
sharing and learning new techniques.  
It will be a lot of fun and great support
for all that have the desire to
experiment and bring new ideas to
their craft. $5.00 / session
Embroidery Club
Apr 12, May 15, June 12
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Come join a great group of women the
second Monday of each month.
You can work on your own embroidery
project or join in the first
group chosen project of  beautiful
Round the Garden Quilt
Apr 18, May 22, June 19
6:00-8:00 pm
Join us to create this stunning award
winning quilt by Wendy Williams. This
is a fun quilt made with wool felt
applique, or with cotton if you’d like.
Di Ford Group
Apr 2
Broderie Perse $5.00 / session
Mar 5, Apr 2
1 - 3pm
Appliqué Society
Apr 23, May 21
1 - 3 PM
For more info,
call Arlene: 732-866-7997
Limited space.
Call to reserve your spot today

Jane began piecing quilts in the late 1990’s.  She soon
realized that she wanted to be able to make her own quilts from start to finish and
began her quilting journey. In 2009 she purchased a Handi Quilter Sweet 16 and in
2012 decided she wanted to start her own long arm business and moved up to a Handi
Quilter Avante. She is a self taught long arm quilter that specializes in custom free
motion quilting.  Her quilts, along with customer quilts, have won ribbons from the local
level to the national level.  She also quilts for a major fabric manufacturer.  She teaches
locally and nationally, both personally (MQX and AQS to date) and as a Handi Quilter
Educator.  She is very passionate about quilting and teaching. Jane’s philosophy is that
no matter what type of machine you are using (domestic machine, short-arm, or
Longarm), that anyone should be able to custom quilt.  Her goal in teaching is to equip
each student with as much information and knowledge as possible, so that they can
approach their quilts fully prepared and ready to custom quilt their own quilts.  
Completing an entire quilt gives such a sense of accomplishment!!  She makes her
classes fun and informative!

March 25 9:00 am-noon  
Does longarm quilting interest you, and you’d
like to learn more about it? Or do you just need a review of longarm basics? This class
takes the mystery out of longarm quilting by acquainting you with the basic terms,
machine features, how to load a quilt, and what you need to know about thread,
needles and tension. Handi Quilter longarm systems are user-friendly, come in various
sizes for every budget, and are designed by a quilter, for quilters – just like you! This
class will count as your first training class to rent our Avante or Sweet Sixteen machines
to quilt your own quilt! $75.00
To complete your training to use our machines we require a one-on-one training class
with shop staff $25.00
TOPICS INCLUDE: • Definition of longarm quilting terms • Basic machine features •
Bobbins, tension, needles and thread • Loading quilts • Groovy boards and pantographs
March 25, 1:00-4:00 pm
Quilters everywhere LOVE the excitement and fun of free motion quilting – and it’s easier than you think!. Create flowing
designs by connecting simple design elements with continuous lines, traveling across the quilt or filling in a specific area. Learn how drawing and muscle memory
contribute to beautiful free motion quilting, and how you can create stunning designs without being a natural artist. $50.00
TOPICS INCLUDE: • Classic free motion designs  • Scaling and spacing of free motion elements • Dot-to-dot quilting • Nesting edge to edge designs • Using micro-
handles for free motion control

March 26, 9-noon
Feather designs always add a touch of class to any quilt, evoking a positive response from any viewer. Learn to draw and stitch these
beautiful elements in many different styles, from traditional to contemporary. Then learn how to fit them in specific geometric spaces, how to turn corners, make
feather wreaths, and how to echo and add fills. It’s easier than you think! $50.00
TOPICS INCLUDE: • How to draw fluid feathers • Adding echo and fills • Fitting feathers within a geometric space • Feather wreaths • Turning corners with feathers

March 26 1-4pm
The trend of modern quilts, with large areas of “negative space”, has created new interest in straight line
quilting and crosshatching. Both are impressive to behold, but neither is difficult to achieve when you know the tools and tricks. Come learn the methods involved
and how to create amazing geometric designs by quilting simple lines. $50.00
TOPICS INCLUDE: • Straight line ruler work • All about channel locks • Crosshatching and curved crosshatching • How to use lines effectively in borders • Using
circles and creating geometric quilting designs
This Just In......
Handi Quilter Classes
March 25 & 26,  2017
With Jane Hauprich